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Get on your Soapbox without worrying about censorship. The Soapbox is a place to stand for those with an opinion that they don't mind shouting to the world. It is an icon of freedom of speech and as such should be free from censorship or the opinions of group moderators. Your own opinion (article) is what is wanted but 1 seed per member/week is allowed. Warning: Standing on an actual Soapbox may be dangerous. Shouting or stating your opinion may attract hecklers.

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Getting up on the soapbox and stating your opinion/message for the world to hear is an icon of freedom of speech. All are welcome here to state their opinions with no worry of being knocked off of the box by censorship and the opinions of moderators. Your own opinion is what is wanted in the form of articles written by yourself but for those members that just do seeds the allowance of one chance per week to seed another's opinion that you would like the opportunity to discuss is allowed.

Stating your opinion from the Soapbox will sometimes attract hecklers (another icon of freedom of speech). As authors that is your hecklers will be tazed by the moderator(s) of this group.

All Coh violations concerning articles directed at other viners are of course frowned upon and it is possible that an extreme case could be removed from this group. It is highly unlikely due to the quality of vine moderation we have today that such a thing will become necessary.

and so welcome.....